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We need Trustees

An important part of our AGM is recruiting new Trustees. All Trustees step down annually to reapply and be reelected, and new trustees apply.

Trustees are important, they manage and lead the Charity, and the Village Hall can't operate without them/enough of them. You don't need to have been a Trustee previously.

Our Trustee Information Pack for 23/24 can be found on our website:

Our Information Pack (on our website) explains more about being a Trustee as it is probably new to most, and there's a Charity Commission blog post about being a Trustee here:

Our Governing Document stipulates that we should have 9 Trustees and we do need new Trustees to support us to observe this.

Ready? Express an Interest in becoming a Trustee using our form here:

Not sure? Email Tracey (Secretary) - or message our FB with any questions.

Note: All Trustees are unpaid - this is a key and distinctive feature of most Charities and one we uphold. We can't say it's easy, but if we want our Village Hall to survive and thrive then we must have Trustees to manage it.

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