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Regular Hirer Portal

We're trying to develop the regular hire experience to make it easier to access your paid invoices and to stay on top of your remaining balances.


Unfortunately, we've recently suffered with a great deal of session cancellations and late payments - we try our best to provide affordable venue hire so this is difficult for us to ignore. This has led to a review of hire terms.

We hold the Hall for your use at the date and times booked. Cancelled sessions mean a loss of income for us. 

Cancelled hours or sessions should still be paid for unless taken as one of your annual holiday weeks. 

Alternatively, hire at our higher function rate for more flexibility.

Everybody needs a break. We allow for upto four sessions a year to be missed without charge. 


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Supporting regular hirers through lockdown

Did you know that? We supported our regular hirers in lockdown by cancelling hire invoices, and holding session slots until they felt ready to return. 


Upload your Insurance Document

We must ensure that all regular hirers have public liability insurance. Non-commercial activities may be covered under our hirer liability - an extension of our own insurances (search insurance in our FAQ section for more on this). You should upload your proof of insurance each year and our form below makes this simple to do. if you need to discuss your insurance with us then please do bookings@villagehallstanton.com

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