The Stage Door Room

Small meeting room and Pop-Up space

The Stage Door room is a small space for those in our local community to use as a small meeting or tuition room, or shop space. It allows small businesses to reach their customers without the commitment to a long-term shop, market stall or office space. 

Situated on the A444, with lots of passing traffic, and weekday visitors such as local school parents and those who attend various fitness and wellbeing classes, there's a great deal of passing custom you could benefit from. 

The space is approximately 4.5m x 3m and comes with electric heating, an external entrance way, use of noticeboard/A-frame boards, and shared use of our spacious car-park. We can provide use of tables and chairs as required. You'll be able to use the main village hall kitchen and toilets (for your own non-customer use and whilst sensitive to those using the main hall). 

If relevant, we'll help shout about the presence of your pop-up or tuition on our website and social media channels if you provide permission and details. Great exposure. 

Hire is on a flexible short-term basis.



Supporting small businesses and sole traders is central to the pop-up concept behind the Stage Door being made available - we're therefore delighted to offer 50% off hire for businesses with 1-4 staff, charities and social enterprises. Prices below include discount (our tiny tariff rate).

Our tall tariff is for businesses with more than 5 staff. 

A refundable £50 damages deposit is also taken on booking. 

Tall Tariff
Tiny Tariff
Single day
Weekend (Sat-Sun)
Long weekend (Fri-Sun)
One-week (Mon-Sun) hire
14-day hire
30-day hire
Other durations
Available upon request
Available upon request

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We expect our late 2021 calendar to be busy.


Due to COVID online bookings are not available.


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1.0: Use and Purpose: 

1.1: Hire is at the discretion of the Stanton Village Hall Management Committee. We reserve the right to refuse a hirer should we feel their business, product or services are not a good fit with our image or values.

1.2: All services or products offered must be legal.

1.3: Any products being sold or stored that could be a cause or fuel for fire should be declared. 

1.4: The space should not be sub-let.

1.5: You may wish to share hire with (an)other(s), nonetheless you should declare this and you acknowledge that all named hirers will be liable for the space and for any actions arising from breach of terms. You may need to consider how this impacts your insurances. 

1.6: No smoking is permitted anywhere in or near to the building. 

1.7: The main village hall toilets and kitchen may be used for your own private use. However, since the main hall is in use we do ask that you do this with minimal disruption to other users. A calendar is available. 

1.8: A television is available in the pop-up space. We do not have a tv license and so this exists to play presentations or slideshows (usb or hdmi). It must not be used to watch, stream or record programmes whether live or replays. It could be used to play DVDs or games but is principally there as an advert screen. Should a TV Licensing inspection find you'd breached the No License Needed rules then you'll be liable for any penalty issued to us. 

1.9: All keys should be handed over and all goods and waste removed from the premises and grounds at the end of the hire period or as otherwise arranged. 

1.10: Hirers shall have no future claims over the space.

1.11: Stanton Village Hall and it's trustees shall not be liable for any claims for loss, damage, injury during your hire.

1.12: All hirers should comply with opening hours and other restrictions of the building. This includes closure at 11.30pm latest.

1.12: All hires should keep noise to a minimum to prevent disrupting our neighbours and main hall users. 

2.0: Damage and Decor: 

2.1: If inviting the public to your setup at the room, all hirers should have insurances that covers them adequately including public liability. Short-term/day cover is available from a range of insurers.  

2.2: The named hirer is responsible for the room during their period of hire and should make sure it is safe and secure when not occupied. 

2.3: Damage, loss or theft, may lead to loss of some or all of the damages deposit. Excessive damage beyond the deposit amount could lead us to claim the full cost of repair from you. 

2.4: Where possible, freestanding shelves or units should be used to prevent damage to decor. Command no-damage hang strips and hooks or similar are also good to use. We also have tables and chairs available. 

3.0 Access

3.1 We will arrange to meet you to walk you through the space, security system and handover keys. We'll agree how keys are returned. Usually we will meet you or ask you to drop them off with the Booking Secretary who lives close by. 

3.1 You are responsible for the keys and should not label them with anything that would identify them as Stanton Village Hall - if found someone could attempt to enter the property. We may ask that you cover the cost of replacing lost keys and security fobs.