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Hire is charged to the nearest 15 minutes. If you require more or less time then please get in touch.


From 2023, abuse of our hospitality such as using additional time may be subject to a £30 penalty in line with our T and C's.


From alarm records, we estimate around 130 hours of undeclared additional use last year - £1500 of our electricity and resources!

Sessions outside of your usual hire pattern (£15ph).

Your Holidays

We provide a generous 13 weeks of non-payable holiday/breaks over 12 months. Although most hirers don't require this.


Holidays and other breaks should be communicated in your hire schedule in advance. Holidays with less than 3 weeks notice will still be charged.

The dates you want to take holidays between April and September 2024. You don't have to declare your full year's holiday just now. Just the 6 months that this schedule covers. 

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