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Regular Hire

Become a frequent/regular hirer and hold your groups and classes at Stanton Village Hall

Based between Swadlincote and Burton with easy transport links and ample parking, Stanton Village Hall is an ideal venue for classes, meetings and workshops. 

Regular hall hirers use the hall on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. We currently accommodate several regular hirers who offer tai-chi, yoga, karate, fitness classes, line dancing, support groups, and art classes. You can view their sessions here



Regular hirers can be provided with their own key-set for use at the times and days contracted.


Can be found here.

Regular hirers benefit from reduced rates against one-off hire prices. But, we do expect you to pay for the sessions reserved for you (for instance, if you hire the hall for three hours each week then we expect you will use and pay for these hours even if some weeks you decide to use only 1 hour). If you don't feel able to commit to a regular slot then our non-regular rate of £15 may work out better for you. Unfortunately, we have had to enforce this as some weekly hirers kept cancelling sessions last-minute, meaning we couldn't hire the hall to anyone else which represents lost income. 


Holiday weeks are booked in advance via a hire schedule form (above) that covers two six month periods throughout the year. 

We do our best to keep 15 minutes between sessions (to allow you to wipe down surfaces, clean debris and vacate the car park etc).


Any additional setting up time should be paid for and we provide billing to the nearest 15 minutes to support you to pay only for what you need. Please respect the scheduling of other hirers on your impact on them. 

We require 3 weeks notice of your contract coming to an end, ideally more if possible.


Hire fees for October 2023 - March 2024 are:


Peak rate (Mon - Fri; 6pm-11pm): £14 per hour


Off peak rate (Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm; Sunday): £13 per hour


Seed rate: £12 per hour for the first 12 weeks. New hirers (or existing hirers with new additional sessions) are supported with a reduced seed rate for their first 12 weeks.


Supporters rate: £12 per hour. Groups who raise £150+ for the Village Hall in fundraising in a six month hire schedule period (must be fundraising your group/participants organises) will be eligible for our supporters rate in the next six month hire schedule period. Fundraising good practice applies please get in touch. 

Hire fees are chargeable to the nearest 15 minutes. If you use 1 hour and 5 minutes then you'll pay for 1 hour. If you use one hour and 13 minutes then you should pay for 1hr and 15 minutes. Many other halls charge for full hours only so we believe we're quite flexible allowing you to pay accurately.

To help you pay a regular amount and setup a standing order, we take your intended use over the six months (as set out in the hire schedule (form above)) with holidays factored in and we divide this by six. This helps both parties to deal with the changing 4 and 5 week months and to setup a standing order so that payment isn't late. For hirers coming in part way through the 6 month period we will calculate the hire amount based on remaining weeks left. 


We do not accept cash. 


A £50 damages deposit will be sought from you at the start of your hire and we will retain this for the duration of your hire. Our terms and conditions outline circumstances where this may be withheld (for instance, if damage is caused).


You can pay your initial damages deposit online here


Some storage space may be available to regular hirers and can be discussed. A charge will be payable. 

All equipment must be stored with our permission to ensure it does not impact our insurance or pose a danger to others.


We're proactive in encouraging attendees to your classes and workshops.

  • We regularly use social media to promote what is happening at the Hall and can share posts that you ask us to. 

  • We publish a weekly calendar on this website and at the Hall. 

  • We invite class leaders to promote their activity at community events. 

Because our regular classes usually enhance the lives of those in our community, we're also on-hand to explore ways to seek funding for new ideas. If you're considering running a class but need to chat it through with someone then please do just get in touch. 


We are a volunteer run charity facing unprecedented energy bills. 

Ways you can support us include: treating our hall with respect and not abusing hours booked; supporting us with fundraising ideas (perhaps a demonstration at a community event) or encouraging your participants to join our Community Lottery; or encouraging them to volunteer with us. 


There are certain activities that we are not permitted to allow due to licensing, insurance or practical restrictions. For this reason we will need to consider the nature of your activity before allowing your activity.


We do accommodate children's craft materials and dog classes but may retain part or whole of the deposit should damage occur and ask that you bring your own cleaning equipment for these sessions. 

We kindly ask that tape or tack is not used on our walls. There are some trims where this might be possible. 


Bathroom waste can be bagged and left in our bins. If using the kitchen, there's no need to take the bin out unless full when you leave as we will do this for you. We ask that no other waste is left such as cardboard and you should treat this as your own business' trade waste (we may be able to explore this separately). 


All regular hirers should have sufficient insurances to cover themselves and their attendees for the activity being undertaken. Non-commercial hirers may be able to benefit from our hirers liability cover - see our General Hire section of our FAQs for more details on insurance. 


We would like to work with individuals and groups in our community to offer more activity of community benefit - produce shows, kids activities etc. Where surplus from activity is put back into the Village Hall charity and where our hirer liability covers your activity we may be able to discuss a discounted hire rate. 


Regular hirers use the Hall for at least 4 hours each month at a set time and day (except for pre-declared holidays), and normally offer activity that our community can benefit from.  

Current Availability

Availability changes often so be advised that any time slots show here would need to be confirmed by a real person. 


Ready to Go? 

Submit an enquiry about becoming a regular hirer now. 

If you've spoken with us and are ready to commence your hire then you can setup your payment using the link below. 


At present, there is availability for groups and organisations to hire Stanton Village Hall on a regular basis. The Hall suits a range of recreational and learning activities such as: 


  • After school clubs

  • Book club

  • Committee meetings

  • Dance classes

  • Drama classes

  • Education groups (art classes, card making etc.)

  • Exercise classes

We'd particularly welcome members of our community who would like to lead community activities that are social and recreational. Together, we may be able to identify support (funding, equipment, marketing) for your activities.


  • Pre-School groups and clubs

  • Senior citizens groups

  • Social clubs or groups

  • Support groups

  • Training classes 

  • Yoga 

  • Wine club

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