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Holding a Kids Party at Stanton Village Hall

Updated: 5 days ago

Hi, I'm Tracey, one of the volunteers at Stanton Village Hall. In this post I wanted to cover some things to think about when holding a kids party at the Village Hall - and things I learned holding my kids parties here!

Checking providers are available.

I was pretty last minute in deciding we wanted a bouncy castle and luckily we managed to get one. The Hall will take a small bouncy castle or there's a small garden to the rear (be careful as there is a stream running alongside the garden). Local providers include Bounce, Bounce, Bounce and Abi's Entertainments.

It's worth checking they're available when you book just in case you can't get anything sorted.

Food and kitchen things

We've tea and coffee-making facilities but beyond that I'd make sure you pack:

  • kids cups

  • serving platters (many pre-prepare their buffet and bring it ready on platters).

  • food and drinks

  • plates

  • any cutlery needed

  • a cake cutting knife

  • a lighter for birthday candles.

  • napkins, kitchen roll and anything else that helps clean spills (the hall has cleaning cloths etc but I found some wipes on standby were useful).

  • Tablecloths/covers.

  • Tea towels

  • Bin bags (we have some but we'd be grateful if you could bring your own).

  • Containers/food bags for any leftovers.

What you don't need to worry about

  • There's lots of chairs and they're easily wipeable.

  • There's lots of tables (long rectangular ones and some squarer ones).

  • There's worktop space in the kitchen to unpack and get organised.

  • There's a baby change table in the disabled bathroom.

  • There's lots of parking - for about 20 cars.

  • Coffee cups and kettles (2)


  • You might want to bring some music there's a cd-radio there. If you're bringing an Alexa then you may want to stream data from your phone - EE works best.

  • There's lots of space for games and play.

  • Don't forget party bags and other decorations. We set up a little table on the way out with those.

A 4-hour children's party booking will give you two hours of party time and an hour to setup and take-down/clean-up. Many parents book 4-5 hours.

We've popped some below or you can find the right booking option for you under our Hall Hire section of the website. .

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