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COVID - Your Thoughts Please

With the ongoing coronavirus uncertainty we'd like to hear your thoughts on how the Hall should respond through the remainder of the year.

How the Hall is used

At the current time, we are of course closed to the public for both private and regular hire. As a Premises License holder we have been ordered by the local authority to close for the time-being but we are able to support COVID response activity.

Is there a role for Stanton Village Hall in providing a COVID response or the transition back to normal life?

How the Hall is funded

This is a difficult time for the Hall financially with no hire income or fortnightly bingo social fundraising. We'd be interested in working with members of our community who can help us develop funding applications to support us with ongoing running costs or projects. We can work entirely over video or telephone calls and emails to support social distancing.

This is also a great time to take stock of how we manage the Hall and community activities going forward, and we're exploring whether we can attract support post-COVID to support our community to readjust and engage in social, recreational and educational activities.

Can you support funding activity, as part of a team?

How would you like us to develop the Hall and its activities going forward?

How the Hall is managed

We've a high proportion of volunteers in vulnerable categories so when life resumes in some form we're likely to remain light on the ground in terms of volunteers. Our volunteers run the hall on a day-to-day basis including opening up, taking bookings, cleaning and staffing our fortnightly fundraisers. We'd love more support in running the Hall and hope that in doing this together we can develop a greater community spirit.

Might you be interesting in volunteering or leading activity with the Hall?

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